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Hyundai CSR

The concept of “corporate social responsibility” is emerging as one of the keywords defining today’s business environment, as the emphasis on the social roles and functions of companies is increasing.Hyundai Motor Company recognizes its corporate social responsibilities as part of its core values, incorporating them into the sustainable management system it is building to realize the five principles of its management philosophy better.

Introducing Hyundai’s CSR Projects

Hyundai Motor Company recognizes itself not only as a profitmaking organization, but as an active corporate citizen of the international community.
The company, accordingly, makes great efforts to ensure a more sustainable future for all humankind, working closely together with all stakeholders with whom it maintains relations (including customers, employees, shareholders, partner businesses, and local communities).

Hyundai’s CSRs can be divided among economic, social, and environmental responsibilities. The economic responsibilities, touching the fundamental basis of any profitmaking organization and including the needs to create jobs and to receive investments, are fulfilled by ensuring trustworthy management. Hyundai, as an active corporate citizen, also fulfills its social responsibilities through its various CSR campaigns, projects, and programs catering to the needs of its stakeholders, including the marginalized of society at large, employees, customers, partner businesses, and local communities. The company also implements systems of environmental management in order to fulfill the environmental responsibilities it bears as a leading automaker.

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