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Culture & Art

Culture & Art

Hyundai delivers a wide array of values and experiences to our customers by supporting the arts and culture on global stage. We also generate creative brand values and promote technological innovation based on understanding and respect for the art community.

1. MMCA Sponsorship

The ‘MMCA Hyundai Motor Series’ aims to expand the boundaries of Korean arts, and give Korea’s prominent artists a platform at an international level. By showcasing exhibitions for Korean artists, such as LEE BUL in 2014 and Ahn Kyuchul in 2015, the MMCA Hyundai Motor Series has enabled contemporary Korean artists to unleash their spirit of creativity and experimentation, which has resonated widely with a huge audience. The third MMCA Hyundai Motor Series was held in 2016, and was entitled ‘Archive of Mind’, a solo exhibition created by Kimsooja, a world-renowned conceptual and installation artist. Archive of Mind unveiled nine artworks between July 27th 2016 and February 5th 2017, and was one of the largest solo exhibitions held at MMCA Seoul.

2. Tate Modern Sponsorship

We have formed a long-term partnership with the world-renowned Tate Modern in London, a modern art museum that attracts more than 5 million visitors each year, to present the ‘Hyundai Commission’ exhibitions. This project selects one globally-acclaimed artist per year to create large-scale installation artworks, and will last for 10 years from 2015. Following the exhibition presented by Abraham Cruzvillegas in 2015, in 2016 the French artist Philippe Parreno showcased his exhibition ‘Anywhen’, which allowed visitors to experience time and space in ways never before possible.

3. Los Angeles County Museum of art Sponsorship

The ‘Hyundai Project at LACMA’ is a partnership between Hyundai and Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA), and will continue until 2024. LACMA is known for its commitment to the cultural diversity of the Pacific Rim, and the values integrated into its perspectives on both history and the future. Hyundai respects and shares LACMA’s philosophy and vision of pursuing cultural diversity and constant innovation. Based on the common denominators of technology and arts innovation, we pay homage to LACMA’s spirit of challenge in exploring new possibilities in ‘art + technology’, creating whole new areas of convergence between arts and technology. We therefore formed a long-term partnership with LACMA, and sponsor the ‘art + technology’ project which supports the innovative research and creative activities undertaken by artists looking to combine arts with science and technology. In 2015, the ‘Rain Room’ exhibition was presented by the artist group Random International, featuring a fantastic area of rainfall created within the exhibition space. This was followed by a retrospective exhibition of the Los Angeles-based media artist Diana Thater, and thus opened the first chapter in our long-term partnership. In 2016, James Turrell, a prominent artist and a pioneer in ‘art + technology’, presented his artwork ‘Light Reignfall’, which has since become part of LACMA’s collection. We have also supported a wide range of creative research undertaken by the ‘art + technology Lab’.

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