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a car is driving on the road

In Case Of Collision

Discover the ultimate driving experience
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Collision Preparation

a man is driving a car

Collision Preparation Technology

For all road conditions and unanticipated situations, your safety is at the forefront of Hyundai Motors’ innovation to make every journey a pleasure.
  • a car hit the wall with its front-side bumper
  • a car hit the wall with its front bumper
  • a car hit the wall with its left side

AHSS (Advanced High Strength Steel)

Advanced High Strength Steel (AHSS) is 10% lighter and 200% stronger in material than a regular steel plate. Mainly applied to the parts in the crushable zones and the passengers’ cabin, the vehicle’s structural rigidity is effectively maximized to provide enhanced passenger protection. In particular, the extensive hot-stamping process of AHSS applied into the B-pillar ensures greater safety for all occupants from potentially hazardous impacts or imminent collisions.

Closed Circular Structure

Stucture of a car
Vertical and horizontal rails collide to form a closed circular structure similar to a skein to reinforce the structural rigidity and to add lightness to the chassis.

Load Path

The sequential-order structure absorbs the kinetic energy from a high-speed collision to protect all passengers. In order to effectively disperse the impact load in case of a side-impact collision, a bulkhead is attached to where the most energy impact may occur to maximize all occupants’ safety.
  • front structure of a car
    State prior to impact
  • front structure of a car
    Energy absorption is generated if the vehicle collides off the front side member.
  • front structure of a car
    The fender apron serves to transfer the impact load.
  • front structure of a car
    Impact load is transferred to the upper A-pillar and the remaining impact load is further dispersed.

Seat belt pretensionioner

Using the seat belt pretension technology, the occupant’s seat belt is retracted and firmly tightened prior to the full impact in position for the airbag to be effectively deployed. To provide maximum protection benefits of the air bag, the seat belt is then gently released to further minimize the risk of injuries. In addition, Hyundai’s pre-safe seat belt feature keeps all occupants in a secure position during emergency braking or loss of control.
seat belt is fastened

Step 1

In the event of a crash, seat belt is tightened.
Airbag pops up in the front seat

Step 2

Once the occupant’s seat is securely fastened, the airbag is deployed.
Airbag pops up in the front seat and a man bumps into it

Step 3

The seat belt is released after the collision to help minimize injury.
a car has active Hood System

Active Hood System

A vehicle with a protruding bumper can cause pedestrian accidents such as severe fractures or head injuries. To prevent such secondary accidents and to minimize the impact between the pedestrian and the vehicle, the active hood system along with the energy-absorbing bumper raises the vehicle hood into an elevated position and reduces the bumper stiffness to ensure maximum pedestrian protection.
a car has many airbags inside

Air Bag

With the convenient airbag system that instantly activates when there is a direct impact, we’ve got you covered from all corners. Depowered airbag takes extra care to prevent the injury of small children and adults while the advanced airbag deployment is based on each occupant’s seating position, thanks to the smart sensor that also determines the ideal time of action for you and your passengers to feel comfortable and safe in any seating position.

(Energy Absorbing Steering Column)

With the airbag in the steering wheel absorbing the kinetic energy from the impact during a collision, the energy-absorbing steering column mechanism promotes safety for all drivers by effectively reducing the chance of severe injuries or fatality risk in the event of a front-end collision.
  • seat belt is fastened
    Steering column assembly prior to impact.
  • Airbag pops up in the front seat
    Driver side air bag is deployed.
  • Airbag pops up in the front seat and a man bumps into it
    As soon as the bag is deployed, occupant comes into contact.
  • Airbag pops up in the front seat and a man bumps into it
    Steering column collapses in order to minimize injury

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