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Close view of V6 GDi engine


The engine is the heart of a car and having
a great engine is essential for making a great car

Better performance, higher efficiency and cleaner emissions

Side view of a structure of an automobile
It has been just over two decades since Hyundai Motor introduced its first in-house developed engine, and already it is a leading engine maker. Hyundai Motor has been focusing its R&D effort on creating engines that can achieve high efficiency during everyday use.

Since good performance characteristics are still important, Hyundai Motor is trying to strike the perfect balance between power and efficiency with special consideration to the environment. We are committed to working towards better performance, higher efficiency, and cleaner emissions.


Tau engine

5.0 V8 GDi gasoline engine
Honored as one of Ward’s 10 best engines in the U.S., the Tau engine is an independently developed engine that represents the culmination of Hyundai Motor Company's engine development know-how and optimized tuning technology.
Side view of a Tau engine in a white background


Side view of an 8-speed automatic rear

8-speed automatic rear
wheel drive transmission

We are the first carmaker in the world to develop this cutting-edge technology. Compared to the 6-speed gearbox, the 8-speed automatic RWD transmission delivers better fuel economy and power performance while boasting a unique structure that is more compact than the 6-speed unit.
Closer view of 7-speed Double clutch

7-speed Double clutch
transmission (DCT)

Hyundai’s 7-speed Double clutch transmission (DCT) provides exceptional fuel economy and low CO₂ emission while impressively increasing acceleration performance.
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