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The name of the Company is, in Korean, "Hyundai Jadongcha Chusik Hoesa" and in English, "Hyundai Motor Company" 

(for short, "HMC") (hereinafter referred to as the "Company")

(1) To manufacture and sell all kinds of vehicles and other means of transportation and components thereof

(2) To manufacture and sell all kinds of vehicles and other means of transportation and component parts thereof

(3) To manufacture and sell castings and forgings (excluding fuel-consuming equipment)

(4) To repair all kinds of vehicles

(5) To engage in the issuing of offer sheets

(6) To engage in the import and export business

(7) To manage an agency for automobile inspection

(8) To manage the Hyundai Professional Football Club

(9) To engage in the stevedoring business

(10) To wholesale vehicle parts and to manufacture and sell automobile supplies

(11) To lease and develop real estate

(12) To install and operate training facility of the youth

(13) To engage in the automobile management business (sale or purchase of a used car, auto scrap business, recycling business, etc.) and related franchise business

(14) To manage an agency for automobile registration

(15) To service all kinds of vehicles and heavy machinery (including motor-remarking and motor-servicing)

(16) To sell service tools related with vehicles

(17) To sell petroleum, petroleum-related and petroleum-based products thereof

(18) To manage a parking lot

(19) To sell car washing machines and to manage businesses incidental to car washing

(20) To set up gas facilities

(21) To manufacture and sell special purpose vehicles and components thereof

(22) To manufacture and sell machines and their parts

(23) To engage in electronic commerce and internet-related businesses and mail-order business

(24) To operate education business and lifelong education facilities

(25) - Deleted -

(26) - Deleted -

(27) To engage in all kinds of additional telecommunication business and special category telecommunication business including information provision business for a vehicle, sale and lease business of equipment relating thereto; and

(28) To engage in the tourism business.

(29) To engage in the development and sales of resources overseas.

(30) To manufacture iron and steel products

(31) To engage in charging business that applies to all types of vehicle including electrified vehicles, and all other related business

(32) To work as a financial instrument distribution agent or broker

(33) To operate all related business with the above purposes

The Company shall have its principal office in Seoul and, when deemed necessary for business purposes, may establish factories, branch offices, or sub-branch offices at such places at home or abroad by a resolution of the Board of Directors.

Public notice by the Company shall be available at the website of the Company ( provided, however, that if it is not possible to do so due to computer system failure or other unavoidable causes, public notice by the Company shall be given by publication in “The Korea Economic Daily,” a daily newspaper of general circulation published in Seoul.

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