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All 7 BTS members standing in a line facing forward. Each member has a green and gray Team Century shirt on with the Hyundai logo and Goal of the Century emblazoned in dark blue across the front.
FIFA World Cup 2022™

BTS: From the stage to the pitch

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Not only are BTS our number 7 in Team Century, but they are also currently one of the most influential bands in the world.

Officially, the seven band members from South Korea entered the world stage in 2013. Since then, they have taken the world by storm and not just on stage!

The Grammy-nominated band has been engaging their fans, ARMY, in their many social projects for many years. In 2021, they performed a special version of their hit, Permission to Dance, at the UN headquarters in New York as the Special Presidential Envoy for Future Generations and Culture.

Without a doubt, BTS has not only changed the music scene, but also the world. And it is precisely this story that they now want to continue writing together with Team Century. We sat down with the band to find out more about their greatest goal and what the Goal of the Century and their jersey number mean to them.

Creating a sustainable world is no longer just a task for anyone. It's the goal of the century that everyone can achieve in solidarity.BTS, TEAM CENTURY MEMBER

So, BTS, what is the best goal that was ever scored on the pitch?

Jimin: I think the best goal will be scored at 2022 FIFA World Cup™. I'm so excited to see fantastic goals from 2022 FIFA World Cup™. Also, there were many meaningful goals at 2002 FIFA World Cup Korea/Japan™.

Jin: For me, 2002 FIFA World Cup™ was really impressive, especially when Jung-Hwan Ahn scored a heading goal with memorable ceremony. That was the ‘real’ soccer for me as I couldn’t forget that scene although I was a little boy.

j-hope: As Korean, I can't forget 2002 FIFA World Cup™ really.

RM: I don’t want to be too obvious, but yes 2002 FIFA World Cup™ was also impressive especially Ji-sung Park's goal. The goal that he scored after trapping with his chest. Frankly speaking, I watched it too many times. As we were born in the 1990s, 2002 FIFA World Cup™ was definitely memorable for us.

Why have you joined Team Century?

SUGA: “BTS has become a member of Team Century to help achieve a sustainable world together with Hyundai and the whole world.”

BTS member Suga wearing a green Team Century shirt with a gray hoodie underneath.

Jin: “Creating a sustainable world is no longer just a task for any one person. It's the goal of the century that everyone can achieve in solidarity.”

BTS member Jin wearing a green Team Century shirt.

Jimin: “We want to show you a lot more to achieve Goal of the Century with Hyundai and Team Century members, please look forward to what’s coming.”

BTS member Jimin wearing a green Team Century shirt.

What’s your goal when it comes to scoring the Goal of the Century: A united world for sustainability?

j-hope: “Isn't that everyone's hope? Hope makes us dream, but these days, hope seems to be gradually losing its light around the world. Tomorrow's dream is often the driving force to live today. It is our Goal of the Century that allows future generations to dream and live today.”

BTS member J-Hope wearing a green Team Century shirt with a gray hoodie underneath.

RM: “I love growing plants. My goal of the century is to pass on the green forest, the environment, and the earth to the next generation. Just as I enjoy and take pleasure in the earth, I want to share beautiful nature with the next generation. That’s my Goal of the Century.”

BTS member RM wearing a green Team Century shirt.

How do you feel about participating in Hyundai’s FIFA World Cup™ campaign?

V: “I’m excited with the idea of solidarity for sustainability which is the core of Hyundai’s FIFA World Cup™ campaign. When you think of FIFA World Cup™, solidarity comes to your mind as the whole world becomes one. So for this project, we’ll do our best to show and bring out BTS’s own unique solidarity.”

BTS member V wearing a green Team Century shirt.

Jung Kook: “It’s an honor to join the meaningful project of Hyundai, and I’m excited to be teamed up with captain Gerrard. We’d like to play our roles to help people unite for the Goal of the Century, we’ll do our best! ”

BTS member Jung Kook wearing a green Team Century shirt.

Why did you pick jersey number 7?

Jimin: “The number 7 is the most important number for us as a group. Obviously, and firstly, because we are 7 members. But there is much more behind it. Each of us has his own unique strength. But these strengths only really become powerful when we put them together. That is also the reason why we have made it this far together – because each and every one of us has contributed all he can. That's why it was clear to us from the beginning that the 7 represents BTS like no other number.”

We say: BTS - the pitch is yours.

All 7 BTS members standing in a line facing backwards. Each member is wearing blue jeans with a green and gray Team Century shirt on with the number 7 emblazoned on the back in dark blue.

In the coming months, BTS will be working on a music collaboration project for Goal of the Century. So, stay tuned. Follow Hyundai(@hyundai ) on Instagram to see them all in action.


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